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Professor Word and from Sue Parler on Vimeo.

ExitTicketsExit ticket” is an educational buzz word for a creative way to administer a quick formative assessment at the conclusion of class.

There are hundreds of digital and non-digital techniques.  I have been using Socrative ( for a while — it can be used as an exit ticket or a more robust assessment.  Another quick-hitter with which I have recently experimented is Geddit (  This one makes for a perfect exit ticket — one or two question polls for which you give your students a “classroom number”.  They log in, answer your questions, and you’ll get an overview of your class’s understanding of the topic.

Both Socrative and Geddit are free — and, again, they are only two of many available programs out there.  If you have had a positive personal experience with another free system — feel free to post it to the comment section of this brief.

printerInitially the design for the new Information Commons included removing the printer from senior lobby. Therefore, this summer no driver was installed for that printer. To add the printer, follow these directions:

1) Right-click on the start button (lower left-hand corner), and choose “Control Panel”.
2) Choose “Hardware and Sound”.
3) Choose “Devices and Printers”.
4) Choose “Advanced Printer Setup”.
5) Don’t wait for it to finish, click “The Printer I want isn’t Listed”.
6) Select Add a Printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname.
7) Choose TCP/IP Device from the device type drop-down menu.
8) Type in the follow IP address: for the senior lobby printer (or for the Flarity Hall printer).
9) Make sure the “Query the Printer…” for driver box is selected.
10) If you are asked, you can keep the already installed driver.
11) Re-name the printer something that make sense to you (like “West Wing” or “Flarity Hall”).
12) It will ask if you want to set it as the default printer — your choice.
13) No need to print a test page.

If you cannot follow these directions, bring your Tablet to the IT Office and we’ll do it.

As you know, we are abandoning the old Winpop system and moving to Chatter Desktop. This video provides a brief overview of how you can best use it to your advantage:

Chatter from Sue Parler on Vimeo.

Check out the quick-hitter DP Tech blog here:

Commenting Student Work from Sue Parler on Vimeo.

Welcome to iDID, well, actually, now it’s we DID. “DID” stands for Deliver Instruction Digitally; and on Wednesday, February 29, we at DePaul Catholic will go completely paper-free; marker-free; and pen/pencil-free for one full day. No copiers, no books; but tons of engaged learners.

Twice per week throughout the first semester, teachers have been meeting with Sue Parler (me), the Technology Coordinator at DePaul Catholic to fill their tool belts with tons of Web 2.0 technology. The time has come for us to put it all into practice.

This site is our historical record of that day (and many more days yet to come). We’ll keep you apprised about what is happening and how you can participate.

So stay tuned for a truly transforming experience.



If you are looking for the DePaul Catholic High School website, please go to Please make a note of the new URL and delete or update your old bookmarks.