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Many of the videos you see here are made with Screencast-O-Matic.  This is a quick video I did for my AP Computer Science Principles students over the summer as their intro to screencasting.


This is a followup to the app I advocated in our PD workshop on Friday. Someone asked, “But now that I have a PDF, can the students write on it?” — that and other questions are answered in this video.

This video will show you how to enable email notifications for Google Spreadsheets and how to see the version history of Google Docs and Presentations.  Email notifications can be enabled for all Google Spreadsheets, including collected form data, and comments made on Google Docs.  The version history can be seen on all your Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, etc.

It is imperative to take ownership of backing up your data. This video shows a quick and nearly fool-proof way to do so using Google Drive.

In addition to using Scannable, you can also use our printers to scan PDFs to yourself. This video was originally shot on our old printers, but the sequence is the same.

Here is a brief overview of the workings and advantages to using PowerTeacherPro as opposed to PTG 2.8.

Here are two free online tools that may be of help to you and your students:

Here is a quick and easy way for teachers to complete recommendations for course selections. PowerTeacher now allows recommendations for every student in the class, rather than a single student at a time.

A free tool that can help you add interactivity to ANY video, whether you create it or you find it on YouTube:  Zaption

Here’s a presentation I put together for Authentic Assessment and Rubrics:

Here is a copy of the PowerPoint I used for the Google Docs presentation on October 2:

ProDev Google Docs