ExitTicketsExit ticket” is an educational buzz word for a creative way to administer a quick formative assessment at the conclusion of class.

There are hundreds of digital and non-digital techniques.  I have been using Socrative (http://www.socrative.com/) for a while — it can be used as an exit ticket or a more robust assessment.  Another quick-hitter with which I have recently experimented is Geddit (http://letsgeddit.com/).  This one makes for a perfect exit ticket — one or two question polls for which you give your students a “classroom number”.  They log in, answer your questions, and you’ll get an overview of your class’s understanding of the topic.

Both Socrative and Geddit are free — and, again, they are only two of many available programs out there.  If you have had a positive personal experience with another free system — feel free to post it to the comment section of this brief.

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